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90 attendees already signed up, more program details published

Submitted by Kristof Van Tomme on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 17:08.

We have announced Drupalcon Szeged 2008 registration a week ago, and are now seeing 90 attendees signed up in our attendee list. Some of them are still in an ongoing payment transaction wrestling with either PayPal or their wire transfers, but we are trying to be quick in helping on our part to keep the process as smooth as possible. It is just 12 days to go to take advantage of the great discounted price of 80 EUR for Drupalcon tickets, so act know! Our room offerings are also going on a similar pace, so keep an eye on registering now to take the one which suites you best!

We also just published our detailed program page today. We know you are eager to hear more about what this con has to offer, so we elaborated on some of the notes we had before. Our program page underlines that we give just as much space to the regular session program as before (more information on each track coming up), while expanding on the space for BoFs with three BoF workshop rooms additionally to the regular open spaces. The unconference part of Drupalcons always go very well, and we are fully prepared to support this self-organized effort as much as possible.

New this year are the four thematic exhibitions covering our job fair, a service providers exhibition, partnering with regional companies and a designer exhibition. Each sponsor gets exhibition time included in the packages, while (if there will be any exhibition spots remaining), we will also sell the remaining booth space for 500 EUR each in August. The service provider night will also be coupled with a wine tasting event with fine Hungarian wines at the venue, and we also made sure to throw a welcome party for you on the first night at the heart of the city.

If this all was not enough, we also organize a code sprint right after the four day conference, and would like to invite you to brainstorm on concrete workgroups so that our time could be more focused. Finally, we also suggest you and your non-attending family members and colleagues some nice side programs in and around Szeged. Check out our updated program page for more information.

Isn't this all too nice to miss? Well, if you are not yet among those registered, start booking your place now!