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Register for Drupalcon Szeged 2008

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There are two options to register. If you will be paying in group, you can use the group registration option; our correspondent at C&T will handle your payment request. If you are registering individually just follow the registration process.

Individual registration

The tabs at the top help guiding you through the registration process: The conference fee and sponsor t-shirt is paid at the same time with PayPal or bank transfer.

Group payment

With group payment, each group member can make sure that tickets and shirts are set up as desired, while the costs of attendance is not paid individually. Here is the process for group payment:
  • Ask all group members to register on the Drupalcon site and complete the individual registration process up to payment. All group members should choose the bank (wire) transfer payment method. Make sure that group members do this soon, so that payment can follow quickly.
  • Then please fill in the group registration contact form with links to each user profile the group includes.
  • Use the bank account information each group member receives in email to transfer the money. Make sure to provide all group member user account numbers in the transaction's message field, not only one as indicated in the confirmation mails (and of course transfer the whole sum).
  • As soon as the contact mail and payment arrives, your registrations will be marked as paid and all group members will receive a confirmation.

General information on room sharing

Those who previously bought a room with more than one bed on our system can share the room with others. Although there is one "owner" for each room (the attendee who paid for the room, or the attendee who was assigned to the room as part of a group booking), we encourage you to have roommates, with whom you can share your costs. The cost sharing will happen outside of our system based on individual agreements. You can share your room with a non-attendee or an attendee who signed up, after we closed the room service, but please get a user for your room mate in that case as well. Room sharing is modifiable until August 13th.

Any other question?

Please read our registration FAQ for common questions we encountered with their corresponding answers.