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Ok that's a lie, but we found a great place to get drunk last night, right near the John Bull. Unlike the John Bull however, it is cool, relaxed, open air, lots of seating, good service, rapid service, etc, etc. Screw those guys.

I would expect there to be people there Fri/Sat evenings - the map will be here for anyone to use after that of course :)

Here is a GMap for you: (this is the correct map, fixed by Gabor)


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any plans to gather for saturday night? this spot is large enough it could absorb a big group!

i agree the foozball was a nice entertainment option, if only because foozball in magyar (hungarian) is "cho cho".

this amused our spanish friends :)

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Yeah, would be awesome to

Yeah, would be awesome to get a whole bunch of people here for Saturday night, definitely big enough for a large group!