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Photos, galleries

Thanks for coming to Szeged! We were all together as a big happy family, as this photo proves (but there are hundreds of more photos, so read more).

Drupalcon Szeged 2008 Group Photo

A lot of you dear attendees created photos at Drupalcon Szeged, and also kindly published them on Flickr and other photo sharing services. Check them out!

We also built up a few image galleries before the conference, so you could have familiarized yourself with the hosting city, our venue and (if this is going to be the first for you) the Drupalcon feeling.

Those who have been to previous Drupalcons will find the pictures we picked from them familiar. We hope these show the energetic, multicultural and absolutely fun environment these events go with.

For those, who have not been to Szeged yet, our selection of sights and moments from Szeged should be great to get to know the city a bit more.

Finally, local organizers have done some walk-throughs at the venue to ensure that we have all space needed for our event. One of the recent walk-throughs was documented with photos, so we have some previews on the inside of the venue and the session rooms for you.