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Trains are all right now

Trains are all right now. They go every hour at :42, last one at 20:42 to Budapest.

Who's still here on Monday?

My flight will only be on Tuesday and I am looking for people to take a tourist's view on Szeged on Monday.

Alan and I agreed to meet at 10am near the main place, anybody is welcome to join us.

Who lost a (used) train ticket Ferihegy Airport => Sgezed ?

When filling my expenses sheet, I discovered a train ticket that was not mine.

Ferihegy => Sgezed, issued 2008.08.26 13:27

This train ticket was in the blue conference booklet that I mistook for mine (probably somebody was sitting near me and each one of us took the booklet of the other by mistake).

While this might be unimportant, it might also be missing to one of you for filling his/her expenses sheet.

So if you think this could be yours, please contact
We can scan it to you and/or send it to you via regular mail.

Cheers !


Pictures from Drupalcon and Szeged

Hi there, I uploaded pictures from the event to my own gallery now - have fun looking at them!

DrupalCampUK is now up and running. More soon...

MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script

Someone asked for this in John Bull pub, so here it goes:

MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script

This script takes information from "SHOW STATUS LIKE..." and "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE..."
to produce sane recomendations for tuning server variables.
It is compatable with all versions of MySQL 3.23 and higher (including 5.1).


Winners of Testing Party

If your nickname is on this list, come to the third floor and claim your prizes! :)

JHedstrom, bloo4u, stella, john morahan, jer davis, ryan szrama, joachim, ekes, seeschloss, tthbonnier, nagba, robert costello, dan smith, klausi, jpetso, swentel, dereine, add1sun, bdragon, pwolanin, catch, kyle matthews, kkaefer, grndlvl, clemens.tolboom, domas

Sprinter in need of a laptop

On Friday night the hard drive in Macbook died :(

I'd love to help with the code/documentation sprint but I don't know how to make this happen without a computer.

email: aaron [at] fourkitchens [dot] com
sms: +1-512-775-4265

Free Hugs!

I remind everyone that hugging is a beautiful way to express love, friendship and all.

They say 12-20 hugs a day greatly improves and maintains one's health.

So feel free to aproach me or anyone you would like to hug.

First (from the outside) it might seem awkward, but after 3-4 hugs, some barrier will just collapse and you will feel more alive and happy. lens wiper(?)

I found a piece of cloth (approx. 30cm x 20cm, greenish gray) in Acquia room just after the closing remarks. If it's yours, please pick it up at the information desk ('where the blond lady is').

Aggregator code sprint tomorrow morning

Aron Novak and I (alex_b) will be hacking on the aggregator patch tomorrow. Don't know yet when we start. Will be some time before lunch. Get in touch w/ us if you're interested:

Train accident, take an earlier train!

There is a train accident between Budapest and Szeged, and trains are at least 1 hour late (count with a bit more). Take an earlier train if you need to catch your flight!

Darth Drupal Stickers - I want one!

I saw some supercool Darth Drupal stickers floating about this morning. Does anyone have an extra one or know who made them? I *really* want one :-)

Upload module guru needed!

I'm trying to get the multiple image attach thing in image module kicked once and for all at the code sprint.
We need to either use or steal from upload module's ajaxy mojo. Comments and advice and even testing much appreciated on

Drupal and Solr BoF moved

The Drupal and Solr BoF moved to 13:30 in the same room.

Join us for a friendly game of Werewolf

At 5pm on Saturday afternoon (after closing remarks) we're going to be playing another game of Werewolf in the common area on the ground floor.

It's a great party game, and a great way to get to know people without having to be technically inclined, so come join our village.

Acquia Partner Day Location Change

The Acquia Partner Day has been moved. We're having the session on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. in the Everything Room -- NOT the Novotel Hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing all of our potential partners there.



Ok that's a lie, but we found a great place to get drunk last night, right near the John Bull. Unlike the John Bull however, it is cool, relaxed, open air, lots of seating, good service, rapid service, etc, etc. Screw those guys.

I would expect there to be people there Fri/Sat evenings - the map will be here for anyone to use after that of course :)

Here is a GMap for you: (this is the correct map, fixed by Gabor)


Where to get the presentations?

Will there be a central download location for all the presentations/sessions after the CON?

Drupal Romania Community Startup

We will meet at 17 at Open BoF.

where are the cool kids tonight (Friday)

so anyone got a good spot for tonight? Friday

German User Meeting at Port Royal

We meet at 19:30 at Port Royal to get some warming drinks and see what the evening has in charge for us. So far guys from cologne and munich (actually me) are there. looking forward to see you.