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Darth Drupal Stickers - I want one!

I saw some supercool Darth Drupal stickers floating about this morning. Does anyone have an extra one or know who made them? I *really* want one :-)

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Me too, it'd be cool if

Me too, it'd be cool if someone uploaded it somewhere so we could print our own.

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Me too.

Me too.

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Me too! A really cool

Me too!
A really cool sticker! Great work!

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Lucky for you, I made sure to ask for a couple of extra ones that I got from Kat Bailey before she left, so I could pass them onto you!!

If you're clever enough to find me, maybe you can get one this (saturday) afternoon!

EDIT: all gone, sorry!

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Would be great if Raincity Studios would sell the übercool Darth Drupal shirts on CafePress or something. Ideally so that Drupal Association gets a neat percentage.

Yea, I didn't get a sticker. I was about 5 seconds too late when Nik was handing them out :-/