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Where is the bus??

We are waiting at the airport, gate 2a, and have not yet seen any bus or person with a sign.
Please inform here bus status...

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You can use train to go to

You can use train to go to szeged. Just follow directions at this website (Travel). It should be easy

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in email

You have read the email, which you received on the shuttle bus and it was telling you that there will be a shuttle bus to wait at the airport this time?

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Okay, we screwed up...

So we misread the date on the bus schema - there is no bus today, neither on saturday.

But honestly, since you gave all dates as possibilities, and clearly you don't offer any busses during 4 days, I'd expected a clearer warning/message...

No harm done, we're here :-)

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Sorry, if the information was not clear enough. I think we have said everything, but it might have required a bit of an attention to digest.