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Videos getting online

Some of you might wondering about all those blue-shirted geeks running around with cameras and tapes. Well, we're uploading videos! So check out the session view for the sessions you missed, maybe the video is just got online!

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Past days are hidden

I can't find a way to see the details of sessions of past days. So even if you would add a video link to it, it's a secret right now...

Or am I missing an easy way to get to those past sessions?

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Use the given...

... "session view" link, where You can find the videos also. ;-)
In case You missed [click here]

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wrong video

unfortunately, you 've put the wrong video up there:

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Some edited video will be

Some edited video will be here soon:

Every session will be compressed around 500MB and you will able to download the sources in Xvid. The compression method will be Xvid, because it has better quality and smaller for this kind of video.

My photos here:

Feel free to use them, they're CC-ShareAlike. Please help me to complete the photos' description and title. Thanks!