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Conference registration

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This is the only mandatory part of the Drupalcon Szeged registration process which you need to pay for. You should have a valid, paid conference pass to be able to attend the event. The price for the conference pass depends on when you register, but includes the same services, which are the following:

  • 4 days of sessions in 4 rooms in parallel, totaling to around 80 pre-planned sessions
  • 4 days of unconference with attendee submitted and scheduled BoFs at the same time
  • Attendance on the code sprint on the following day (August 31st).
  • Sandwich lunch on all days of the conference (including the code sprint day for the sprinters).
  • Coffee and water on all days of the conference throughout the day.
  • One night-time social event with welcome drink and limited snacks.
  • Conference shirt and other event necessities.

We managed to make it possible for you to register for these prices thanks to sponsorships we are expecting. If you'd like to sponsor the conference, check out our sponsor packages or consider signing up for the "I supported Drupalcon Szeged" shirt at the end of the registration.