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Drupalcon Szeged attendee checklist

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Fri, 08/22/2008 - 13:56.

We thought that now as the Drupalcon comes so close (OMG just 4 days and 20 hours as of this writing), you'd make use of a checklist for your best Drupalcon experience! Here are some things we thought would be important to think about.

  1. Make sure your registration status page (in your profile area) says you paid your fees, and (if you bought a room on our site) you know your hotel location and exact booking dates (checkin and checkout).
  2. Pack according to expected weather. has a nice two week lookahead graph, which as of this writing shows 15-28 degrees celsius expected for the conference days, with a little bit rain possible at the end of the week. Our website has a weather block showing current conditions and two day forecast.
  3. Know how you will get to Szeged. If you bought a shuttle bus ticket, check when your departure time is (you should have received an email about this earlier). If you are going by train or car, check out our travel page. We have detailed information on how to get to the train from both airport terminals and where to buy train tickets.
  4. Make sure to have Hungarian forints (local currency) by the time you need them. If you take the train, you'll need them to buy tickets. If you take the shuttle, you'll only need forints in Szeged most probably. Read the corresponding entry in our FAQ for more info.
  5. For local communications, make sure your phone is compatible, or you are prepared to buy a cheap prepaid phone in Hungary. Read the corresponding entry in our FAQ for more info.
  6. Check that you have the right power plug converters for your mobile charger and laptop. Again, we have more information on this in our FAQ.
  7. Finally, although in Szeged lots of the places are in walking distance, we published a public transportation city map for you in the FAQ, and given that there are some detours around the conference venue area, we translated the detour map for you for better understanding. The most important information is that you'll find a 1V tram supplement bus instead of tram 1 at the train station, if you'd take public transport there.

We wish you safe travels, and hope that this little checklist helps ensure your happy Drupalcon experience. See you real soon now in Szeged!