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How to find cheap options to travel to Drupalcon Szeged?

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Thu, 04/24/2008 - 10:38.

Recently, we have received some contact mails from people, who are looking at cheap options to travel, especially from North America. We'd like to draw your attention to an update we made to the travel page lately:

For attendees coming from out of Europe, the option of coming to a major flight hub somewhere in Europe and transferring to a budget flight there might get you considerably cheaper flight prices.

This results in a bit longer travel time, but could dramatically cut down on flight costs. The travel page has links to explanations of European budget airlines and the search sites we recommend.

Another recent addition to our site is the travel sharing overview (accessible through a block on our travel page as well). This lists people, who indicated their interest in sharing some vehicle to travel to Szeged. We already have people coming from Romania, Germany and Hungary open to share their car, while others from Romania, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands among others are looking to hop into a car. There are already a few possible matches there.