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Pre-conference program for Drupalcon

Submitted by Kristof Van Tomme on Sat, 04/26/2008 - 11:11.

At Drupalcon Szeged we would like to have a couple of pre-conference workshops/trainings. These events would be independent from the conference and would have a separate pricing and organisation.

If you or your company want to hold such a workshop, please let us know before the 30th of April so that we can include a checkbox for your event into the registration form. That way you can get feedback from potential attendees.

To make it easier for companies from outside Hungary to organise such a workshop we have taken an option on the rooms in the venue for the week before Drupalcon. The following is a list with the different rooms and their capacity.

Room Capacity
congresshall 685 ppl
Lecture Hall 140-210 ppl
I., II. Lecture rooms 100-170 ppl
I. Seminarium room 6 computers
II.,III. Seminarium rooms 18 computers
Computer cabinet >50 computers

Probably there will be a Hungarian language introductory training but we definitely want to have an English training. So Drupal training companies, especially those with regular podcasts, are very welcome to get in touch ;)

You can reach us through the contact form at