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Sum up for exhibitors

Submitted by Kristof Van Tomme on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 21:37.

Every exhibitor will have 2 tables at their disposal. Every "booth" has chairs, electricity, and a poster holder. You should have received a booth number as part of the exhibition registration process (please contact us if this is not the case).

There is an exhibition on every day of the conference:

  • Job fair (day 1)
  • Service providers (day 2)
  • Regional companies (day 3)
  • Designer exhibition (day 4)

To make things easier for exhibitors that can't man their booth for a whole day, there is a 3 hour preferred exhibition window in the conference schedule from 10h30-13h30. There are however 3 BoF rooms next to the exhibition so people will be passing by your booth all day long, so you should try to be present as much as possible, especially during the session breaks.

It is recommended to furnish your booth between 8h and 9h on the morning of the day that you will be exhibiting. You should vacate your booth by 18h before a day that you are not exhibiting (except for the service provider exhibition on Thursday evening, when booths should be vacated after the wine tasting). Of course you can leave your booth furnished if you are exhibiting on multiple consecutive days (valuable items should be removed though). If you exhibit on the last day you can also pack from 8:00-9:00 on 31 August 2008 (in this case contact

What should you bring? Any marketing materials, swag, something to put up against the poster holder (could be posters or roll-ups). You will have a poster holder with a surface of 105cm high by 134cm width.

Check the following links:

The exhibition takes place in the atrium of the Szeged University Library, the venue of Drupalcon. The address is:

Venue: József Attila Study and Information Centre - TIK (6722 Szeged, Ady tér 10.)

Storage of exhibition materials during the event is only possible in the backstage room. Storage of any material before or after the exhibition is according to availability of the room and is for an extra charge.