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What's going on with Drupalcon Szeged?

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Sat, 04/12/2008 - 01:35.

We are happy to inform you that since Drupalcon Szeged was announced a few days ago, we enlisted more then 20 (mostly local) volunteers who are already discussing and planning restaurant reviews, plotting important and useful sites on the Szeged map, ensuring good WiFi coverage at the venue among other things. For the first time in Drupalcon history, we are using a project management website set up and fine-tuned exclusively for this event, separately from the Drupalcon public website. Thanks to the people and the technology, we worked on some exciting things since the announcement, so I figured I'd better let you know:

  • Our team built up a Frequently Asked Questions page complete with location, date, visa requirement, language, accommodation, registration, price estimate and even power plug and mobile coverage information among other details. It contains very important tidbits, so please check it out.
  • We also collected some valuable information for your traveling. When you organize your travels, please note that we plan on a code sprint day after the four session days.
  • Drupalcon Planet is setup and includes each blog post from and near Drupal Planet that mentions Drupalcon. All automated.
  • Follow us at as we are already using this to spread more informal news on the event. Also mark your tweets with #drupalcon to appear at
  • We also got a hold of the #drupalcon IRC channel on freenode, which just means that we got the channel topic updated now. Feel free to hang out there and discuss. You might or might not find organizers there.

We'll keep the information pages up to date (and even included a "Last updated" mark at the top to let you know the freshness of the information at any time). If you have any questions not (adequately) answered in the FAQ, by all means contact the team. We would also love if you could help us get the word out about this event. Let's grow the Drupalcon Planet!

Ps. We are working on making it possible to register on this site, but we would like to save you from the hassle of going back and forth updating user profile details, so thanks for your patience in the meantime.