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übercart pricing modification battleplan

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Submitted by mortendk on Thu, 08/07/2008 - 17:05.

This session will be a brainstorm on VAT, taxes and price modifications in übercart.

Theres about 32123 or so different rules for taxing worldwide and each country have its own obscure rules...
And then theres the growing need for individual pricing of product to a specific client base (read role), and offcourse combinations of this
and .... [insert you own need for modification of a price ;) ]

But no more will we struggle with this, come join the battleplan + a presentation of a possible solution for these problems

* price based on a role
* tax modification - different country different rules
* short presentation on a "modify-price-by-tax-or-role-or module"
* anything else?

To create the end all be all solution for displaying and working with price in übercart.

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For those interested, here's

For those interested, here's the discussion regarding European VAT compatibility:

You can search for PST, GST, tax, and omg-how-does-this-all-work for more information and problems. :)