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Add a Display Name field to core in addition to Username

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Submitted by dahacouk on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 13:12.


Adding a Display Name in the core of Drupal has been a hotly debated topic for at least the last 4 years. The addition of a Display Name impacts on many areas within the project. With Drupal 7 it seems the right time to put this much need feature in core. The only questions are how and who.

We need a face to face discussion to define a clear set of requirements that will feed into the code sprint on the August 31 to result in a Drupal 7 patch commit.


  • The history of the issue (see Resources below for material to read beforehand).
  • The sticking points and how they can be overcome...

    • The non-uniqueness issue.
    • The auto-complete and search results issue.
    • The security issue.
  • Defining a clear set of requirements and points of action.
  • Who will in build the Drupal 7 patch in the code sprint.


A Display Name field and associated admin and user interfaces in core in Drupal 7.


Please ensure you are familiar with: