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Developing for e-Commerce

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Submitted by fgm on Tue, 07/15/2008 - 21:37.


The e-Commerce suite of modules (EC) is one of the largest parts of contrib. It is fairly hard to extend, and its main devs are having a hard time evolving it and updating it at the same pace as core.

For most implementers, EC is a turnkey solution, that can work or (too often ?) not, but is not often extended because of its complexity, and possibly the time zone issues with the main developer being located in Oceania whereas most Drupal contributors seem to work in Europe or northern America.

The goal of the session is to identify ways to improve the general experience with EC, by allowing developers wanting to work with/for EC to do so.


* Understanding the general operation of the EC suite
* Knowing when to extend EC
* Knowing how to extend EC
* Knowing how to theme EC


The goal of the session is to enable wannabe EC devs to enter the game, and tempt others who previously renounces to come back to EC.


Having read the "core" EC source code (product, store, cart) prior to the session would probably go a long way towards making the session helpful for all.

Which version ?

I'm currently planning the session to be based on the (currently alpha) eC 4. Please comment on the proposal if you think we should remain on eC 3 (or for whatever reason).