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Drupal'n'Go / Drupal For Good Code Sprint

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Submitted by Ori Pekelman on Wed, 07/30/2008 - 12:42.

A community effort to help a NGO get some ass-kicking internet presence

On the first weekend of October 2008, in only 2 days, the Drupal French Community will build a complete and live website for a selected NGO. All free. Free as in free beer, and free as in free speech.

A lot of the organizational details have been ironed out.

Though we have discussed a lot the question of "how the hell do we pull this off?" and have a detailed an action plan... there must be a million things we forgot.

Who should come?

So we are calling on all that have experience in organizing Codesprints/ Hackathons/ Mashpits and generally community events to join us and share their experience and thoughts.

What should come out of the session?

We would really like to hace constructive criticisms on our plan to adjust and augment it so we can put all the chances on our side to pull off this event.