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Enable the Community to improve usability

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Submitted by berkes on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 10:34.

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08/28/2008 - 09:00 - 08/28/2008 - 10:30

I want to open a discussion on how to use various components and sides of Drupal to enable us, Developers to improve usability in our projects. Le us discuss how to use Form Elements, Helper Libraries, Naming conventions and Insert Your Birght Idea Here to enable the community to improve Drupal's usability.

Improving usability for project Foo might make the same software horrible to use in project Bar. That is why we could look at improving usability in Drupal by not making Drupal core more usable. But by enabling the developers to make Their Drupal project more usable for Their users in Their specific cases: enabling the community to improve usability.

Looking at Drupal as a Framework (the CMF) gives us opportunities: We can improve usability by enabling Dan the Distro Builder to put together a Blog Install Profile that is very usable for Bob the Blogger.

* Introduction on Usability in general: Why is it so hard to get right in Drupal?
* Short introduction on why this 'enable' route might work better then the oldfashioned 'make Drupal core more usable'.
* Open Discussion on ways to achieve this.
* Putting Money where Mouth is: create code, docs and projects after the outcome of the discussions. This should be the biggest part: we must avoid this becoming a vapourware project and start off with some Real Working Code and Good Resources.

Setting up and initial infrastructure that will help people who want to contribute to the usability of Drupal.
Get a message out about this initiative and to enthuse developers for this usability project.
And, in the very end: to allow you to build a perfect site for your specific users.

Please collect any nice code (form elements) nice ideas (the back of a beermat) or good designs (like That One CSS Trick to align forms) on your laptops or servers. So that we have some real working code and ideas to start off with.