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Conference track: Code development

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Track mission and session plans

The Code development track will help software developers gain expertise in Drupal development. Anyone with experience in PHP or other programming languages will feel at home in this track regardless of previous Drupal involvement.

Sessions in this track will be technical in nature, and may explore code in PHP, SQL, JavaScript and other Drupal technologies. You will find practical, code-oriented sessions targeted to those interested in building production-quality, secure, maintainable, and scalable Drupal sites.

Some session ideas from the track chairs:

  • Coding Standards and Beyond
  • Strategies for Debugging
  • Getting the Most out of an IDE
  • From Development to Deployment: Version Control, Workflow, Testing, Migration
  • Test Driven Development and Simpletest
  • Responsible SQL: Portability, Performance, and Best Practices at the Database Layer
  • Strategies for Facing the “Upgrade Problem”: Migrating to newer versions of Drupal.
  • A First Module in 30 Minutes (or Less)
  • Security: Coding Practices to Keep Drupal Leak-Proof
  • Theming for Programmers
  • Drupal API Secrets: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Drupal APIs

Track chairs

Doug Green

Since joining the Drupal community in early 2006, Doug Green has contributed over 20 modules, most notably the coder module which is used by many Drupal developers to improve and upgrade their code. Doug is also involved with Drupal's core search features as the author of views_fastsearch, the Drupal 6.x core search improvements, and numerous other core patches. Doug holds a degree in Computer Science from Cornell University and has over 22 years of professional software development experience from C/C++ to php and everything between. A partner at CivicActions, Doug works with distributed teams of other developers and professionals "Changing the world one node at a time!"

Florian Lorétan

Florian Lorétan, also known as 'flobruit' (pronounce flow-bru-ee), is a web developer from Switzerland, currently working remotely for Achieve Internet while traveling around Europe. He played an important role in the development of many Drupal websites and collaborated with other major Drupal-shops on large projects like He is also the author of many core patches and reviews and the creator of the little-known guitar module.

Károly Négyesi

Károly Négyesi, better known in Drupal circles as chx, is a core developer since 2004 and developer team lead of NowPublic. He currently maintains (and written significant parts of) the form API subsystem and the menu subsytem. The community sometimes accuses him of not sleeping to which he answered "I code core to be high without resorting to harmful drugs".

Matt Butcher

Matt Butcher is the principal consultant at Aleph-Null, Inc.. He is the the author of four books, including Learning Drupal 6 Module Development. Recently, he has begun work on his fifth book, which will be about Drupal and Javascript. In his spare time, Matt likes to explore Colorado (his home state) with his wife and three young daughters.

Moshe Weitzman

Moshe Weitzman has been a core Drupal developer since 2001. He is a freelance consultant and founder of Cyrve, a consultancy focused on data migration into Drupal sites. He is the author of the Organic groups module, the Devel module, and the Theme Developer module. He is also the creator and webmaster for

Moshe lives in Boston, MA with his wife and 2 daughters.