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Conference track: Drupal core, contributions and trends

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Track mission and session plans

The Drupal core, contributions, and trends track will feature high-level coverage of Drupal core and key contributed modules. This coverage will include what’s available today as well as previews of what’s to come alongside Drupal 7+. Likely topics include APIs, rendering engines, web services, and important modules. Choose sessions in this track if you want to learn about the architecture of Drupal core and some key contributed modules but spend little time on actual code.

The initial (especially first-day) sessions in this track will focus on Drupal 6. Later sessions will focus on Drupal 7+

Possible sessions might include:

  • Drupal 6 APIs
  • Views, CCK, Panels etc.
  • Web services
  • RDF
  • jQuery
  • Performance
  • Cloud computing and Drupal
  • Fields and Views in core
  • A new database layer
  • Search improvements
  • Rendering
  • OOP in Drupal

Track chairs

Balázs Dianiska

Balázs Dianiska joined the Drupal community with the 2007 Summer of Code program, and works with Drupal ever since. Balazs mentors a Summer of Code student in the 2008 program and as an employee of Efero, a Scottish company he is developing a community portal.

David Strauss

David Strauss is a co-founder of Four Kitchen Studios, a Drupal consulting firm. He is an author of multiple core database patches, Tracker 2, DNA (the denormalization API), and PressFlow Preempt and is a general adviser on database architecture. He began working with Drupal in November 2006 and has used it for most personal and professional projects since. He is also involved with projects at the Wikimedia Foundation, Creative Commons, and the Internet Archive.

David lives in Austin, Texas (US).

Nathaniel Catchpole

Nathaniel 'catch' Catchpole joined the Drupal community in 2005, he has authored numerous core patches but is better known for reviewing several hundred. Nathaniel begins working full-time as a Drupal freelancer during conference month, having recently finished a web development contract at University College London.

Peter Wolanin

Peter Wolanin recently joined Acquia as a senior engineer. Peter joined the Drupal community in 2005, and was drawn in by the fun and challenge of bug fixing, and the positive interactions with the community. He was a significant contributor to Drupal 6 (including parts of the new menu system and a rewrite of the book module) and also maintains several contributed modules. Up until recently Peter worked until recently as a research scientist, and holds his Ph.D. in Physics form the University of Michigan.