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Conference track: Showcases, user experience and design

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Track mission and session plans

This track spans three different but interrelated topics.

User Experience (UX) is essential for increasing adoption of Drupal and maintaining our current install base. What UX efforts are underway in the Drupal community? Where is Drupal lacking on the user side? Where does it excel? Addressing these questions will make Drupal an even more competitive platform and help developers and designers build better websites.

Design: Drupal’s theming systems offers great programmatic flexibility. How can designers with varying levels of programming experience produce good Drupal themes? What are the major challenges in designing for Drupal?

Showcases and case studies of great Drupal sites help other developers learn to leverage Drupal and all the amenities and aids it comes with.

We welcome presentations covering the following topics:


  • The theming system
  • Changes in theming in Drupal 6
  • How to make it easy for designers
  • Communicating requirements to designers
  • Building modules in a themer-friendly way
  • Theming forms
  • The wonderful power of CSS
  • Useful contrib modules for the designer
  • Converting mock-Ups to drupal themes
  • Designing recolorable themes


  • Reports from usability testing
  • Making user experience an integral and effective part of the development process
  • The current status of Drupal UX
  • Ongoing projects to improve Drupal UX
  • Best practices and design patterns applied to Drupal
  • UX trends on the web
  • Involving professional user experience specialists
  • Effective workflow building in Drupal
  • Learning from mistakes and successes of other web application frameworks
  • Equipping developers with UX knowledge
  • Getting user experience feedback from clients
  • Drupal vs. WCAG, Section 508 and other accessibility laws
  • Applying metaphors to Drupal's admin interface


Showcase your site:

  • Corporate sites
  • News sites
  • Communities
  • Any other kind of sites
  • Big sites or small but clever ones
  • Sites you would not expect to be built in Drupal
  • How much could be done with contrib and how much custom programming did you need
  • Best practices that were found out in building your site
  • Shortcuts that could be taken, obstacles that had to be overcome

These are just suggestions for topics. Other interesting proposals for this track are also welcome!

Track chairs

Konstantin Käfer

Konstantin Käfer joined the Drupal community as a student for Summer of Code 2006 where he did various JavaScript based features which and since then, became a regular Drupal contributor. Currently, he is studying computer science in Potsdam, Germany. He's also working as a User Interface Engineer for NowPublic.

Thomas Moseler

Thomas Moseler is a freelancing web designer. He joined the Drupal community in 2006 and soon fell in love with the system. He is busy in improving Drupals Usability since he cares a lot about the visual side and bringing the software closer to the user. Being a passionate Drupal evangelist, he is very active in the local community, organizing meetings and workshops.

George DeMet

George DeMet is the founder and co-owner of Chicago-based Web development firm, Inc. Working in collaboration with a variety of creative partners, he has managed the development of visually and functionally sophisticated Drupal sites for a variety of high-profile corporate, educational, and institutional clients.

Shannon Lucas

Shannon Lucas is an applications developer for Four Kitchen Studios, a Drupal consulting firm. He began working with Drupal in October 2007 after a long stint with Java.

Shannon holds an M.S. in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis in usability and information architecture. He has done usability and user interface work for military, gaming, airline, and telecommunications applications.

Shannon lives in Austin, Texas (USA) and spends his spare time paragliding and cycling.