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Charlie Gordoncwgordon7

I love Drupal; you can see more about what I do and how I contribute to the Drupal community here and here, respectively. I already have my trip to Szeged planned, but one thing is left - paying for it ;). I'd appreciate any help you can give me! Click here to contribute.

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Zack Washingtonzackwash2002

I will be much appreciated if the organizers could give us a travel grant to cover accommodation, registration fees, local transportation and meals, airfare from Accra to Budapest via Roma with Alitalia or Klm.
Also partial grants are highly welcome.
I will like to participate the conference with 3 accompanying persons from our organization

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Christopher GreenRoyalNavySurgeon

DisneyPayOut & Pensioned Retirement...

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Mirko HaaserMcGo

since i do the drupal only in my spare time and am absolutely impressed by this great framework and the community, I do the Module Development and Help in IRC Channel just for free and the good feeling that comes with it :-) If you would like to help me, getting to Szeged you can donate via my website:


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jaouad kokouhjawad

To develop in Drupal