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Announcing pricing for Drupalcon Szeged 2008

Submitted by Kristof Van Tomme on Sun, 06/01/2008 - 12:44.

After much consideration, calculation, debate and discussion with the Drupal Association and Drupalcon Boston organizers, we are announcing the following pricing information for Drupalcon Szeged 2008. The conference registration price depends on when you register, but includes the same services. We would like to encourage you to register early, so we set prices increasing as the conference gets closer.

In Barcelona a pass was a fixed 50 EUR, in Boston it was a fixed $195 (around 130 EUR). Carefully calculating our budget and the expected number of attendees, we decided to sell tickets in June for 80 EUR, in July for 120 EUR, and then increase to 160 EUR until the conference week, when we switch to the 200 EUR door price. Adding additional services last minute for those registering late is expensive for us, so we hope you get registered sooner then later. We went to great lengths to make it possible for all of you to register on a lower price then in Drupalcon Boston, hopefully opening up this event to even more attendees, especially from around the European region. So the first two months we will sell tickets on a price lower then in Boston.

This does not mean that we set a lower quality target at all. We have a modern venue, lots of volunteers contributing and we are recruiting high profile Drupal community members to ensure the quality of the session program. It just happens that the venue and food we have will cost less and that we expect even more of the Drupal enthusiasts and brand new wanderers to come, while keeping sponsorship targets high. This is an ambitious goal, so we hope that you do your part by spreading the news about the event.

Although the price for the conference pass depends on when you register, it includes the same services, which are the following:

  • 4 days of sessions in 4 rooms in parallel, totaling to around 80 pre-planned sessions
  • 4 days of unconference with attendee submitted and scheduled BoFs at the same time
  • Attendance on the code sprint on the following day (August 31st).
  • Sandwich lunch on all days of the conference (including the code sprint day for the sprinters).
  • Coffee and water on all days of the conference throughout the day.
  • One night-time social event with welcome drink and limited snacks.
  • Conference shirt and other event necessities.

You need to cover international, national and local travel, hotel costs and any other expenses yourself.

We are going to open the conference registration system in the coming days, so stay tuned and follow our announcements.

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EUR 80 is OK

EUR 80 is OK for me, I'll do my best to show up.