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The Drupalcon Szeged 2008 shuttle bus timetable

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 17:43.

Up to July 24th, we made it possible for you to sign up for Drupalcon Shuttle bus tickets, and specify your preferred times in your bios. Now since the signup is closed (and we got most of you to fill in your preferred times), we sat down to build a schedule based on your preferences. A few of you specified times before August 26th and after September 1st, but the numbers did not add up to buses we can order. Unless one of the spots in the now announced timetable is fine for these people, we will reimburse them at the registration desk.

The selected times will get some people wait a bit in Budapest, or take a bus a bit earlier in Szeged. The latter is designed so that nobody would miss their flights from Budapest. Some useful information about the shuttles:

  • The shuttle buses will be recognizable by a Drupalcon logo on the windshield.
  • Shuttles from Budapest will go from the Budapest airport terminal 2 and will stop by at terminal 1. These buses will get you to the exact hotel you have a booking at in Szeged.
  • Shuttles from Szeged will go from the venue except the two early shuttles (5:00am and 6:30am), which will pick you up at your hotels.
  • The journey time is approximately 1.5 hours, but this might be slightly less or more depending on highway traffic.
  • Only those who bought shuttle tickets will be allowed on the buses.

To make it possible to pre-plan and order the buses, and for the buses to pick you up at the right place, make sure your preferred times are properly set and that you take the bus with the slot you signed up for. Otherwise the bus might be full and you might not be able to get on, also the bus will not go to your hotel then. Make sure you won't miss the bus by specifying your details properly.

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Is there likely to be an update?

Managed to specify a couple more Szeged -> Budapest preferred shuttle times, partly delayed as I couldnt work out how long it was going to take, and other pressures.

If more people do the same, is there a chance of an update to the handy DrupalconSzegedShuttleTimetable?

Would much prefer that than a refund :)

Otherwise, will there a mechanism to reserve previously paid for places on the currently scheduled shuttle - assuming one completed the Bio late - rather than 'hope' for two spare seats?

Thanks for your patience in reading this question!

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It probably depends on whether we also need to add more times to the table. We provided sufficient notice that shuttle times need to be specified in the bio, also sent out a newsletter about it, and then just assumed those who did not specify are fine with whatever (some people even asked us what should they do since they are fine with whatever time). We are taking your comments now and will see the reaction on the timetable. So far you are the only one who expressed your opinion on it.

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Dear Gabor Hojtsy,

Thanks for asking about Shuttle timetable I am agry with your proposal on the pdf file time is best for me I will accept this time table you send me, I am happy this is suitable time for me.

Muhammad Asif

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Which slot did I sign up


I do remember specifying a timing for taking the shuttle,
but I no longer remember which time it was because it's not visible in the registration status. In only shows that i paid for both the shuttles.

Are you planning to expose that information on the website, or should we not bother for the exact timing?

Belgian Drupal Architect

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your bio

You specified this in your bio, and it is still available there. It should be better to display it in your registration status, but unfortunately we don't have capacity to add that in (requires quite some custom code).

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Enough time?

My plane departure is scheduled at 15:05 at Terminal 1. It is advised to be at the airport 1 hour before departure.

Can I take the 12:00 bus on Monday 1st September, or is the 8:00 advised?

Thank you so much so much for the awesome organization, I am impressed.