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No question that Szeged is indeed the city of sunshine

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Wed, 05/28/2008 - 16:42.

This week proves to get us some hot pre-summer days in Hungary, and even more so in Szeged.

Here is a comparison of Budapest and Szeged in terms of current and projected weather for the rest of the week (temperatures in celsius, based on current data).

Szeged has an accumulated (through multiple years) average of 27 degrees celsius in August, when Drupalcon happens, so we should have nice sunny days with almost no rains. (Information from, only in Hungarian). This is something we could not guarantee of course, but history suggests that the weather will not disturb the conference.

Check out Yahoo Weather for continued updates on Szeged weather conditions, if you are interested.

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and yes, the venue does have airco ;)

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this broke the temperature record

This went over the temperature record in Hungary for that day. The previous record setter was Túrkeve in 1958 on that same day. The new record setter is Szeged. How accidental that I just looked at the weather conditions on that day :)

Source: (Hungarian)

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Air Co at the hotel...

I pay 12 euro a day extra for air-condition at the hotel. Seems to me like money very-well-spent.
Nir N.
University of Amsterdam