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Pre-Drupalcon meetups in Prague and Vienna

Submitted by Kristof Van Tomme on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 17:48.

On Saturday the 24th and Tuesday the 27th of May, we hold the first presentations of our promotion roadtrip for Drupalcon. We're doing these events to raise awareness about Drupalcon Szeged and to convince people that this is the perfect time to take a deep Drupal plunge...

The meeting in Prague is from 9am-5pm on Saturday the 24th and will take place at the Technical University in the CTU FEE building E room K9, Karlovo namesti 13, Prague 2 near the Karlovo namesti metro station. Most presentations will be in Czech, but Erno Zsemlye and me will be giving our talk in English. There is room for about 100 participants and over 50 people already signed up. You can find the registration form on
The things you should fill in are Jmeno = Name, Pocet ucastniku = Number of attendees, Spolecnost = Company ;)

On Tuesday the 27th of May, we participate in a meeting of the Drupal user group in Vienna. The event will take place at WerkzeugH. from 5:30pm. Presentations will start at 6pm and there will be some beers and socializing afterwards. There is a signup on g.d.o.

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Obviously not Saturday the 23rd, but the 24th. Don't want to bug the planet with a double entry, so won't change it in the node.

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The Planet identifies posts by their permanent name (which is in the RSS and only depends on the site URL and node number), so it does not do double post (but updates the copy of this post) if we update a post. So updated!

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I remember seeing somebody's post popping up in my feedreader in 3 slightly different versions ;)

Maybe it was my feed-reader at the time, could also be they were really messing things up (reposting under different URL's)...

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I should be in prague, so...

I should be in Prague, so i will be looking to attend the pre-event if my schedule allows for it.

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