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The SZIN Youth Music Festival - fun programs by night for Drupalcon Szeged

Submitted by Gábor Hojtsy on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 10:32.

Drupalcon Szeged happens to be just at the same time as the SZIN Youth Music Festival, which takes place in "Új"-side of Szeged just across the river Tisza. This is Hungary's original youth music festival (outgrown by the Sziget Festival since then) with tenting students all around the bank of the river, stages with superb music and all kinds of other fun programs for all four days. This year, the program also includes a 0th day. While those attending the festival full time will go tenting, you can walk in and buy a daily ticket for 5000 HUF (around 20 EUR) at the gate or a ticket valid for all days for 12,500 HUF (around 50 EUR).

While the festival program mainly consists of Hungarian performers, there are great stars coming such as Within temptation (NL) (check them out on youtube), Morcheeba (UK) (some of their clips on youtube) and Phats and small (UK) (look for their videos on youtube). One of my favorite English singing Hungarian bands, Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka will also perform (I featured them on my personal blog before). The detailed program table is available on

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and not to forget our

and not to forget our Swedish Brothers: Backyard Babies - sweet kick ass Rock n Roll


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ROOOOCCCCKKK! Are we going down for that with a coupla beers then Mort? :)

^^ J0rd is just being flippant because he thinks he's cool, going to Glastonbury :p

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and not to forget our also

and not to forget our also very rocking austrian-russian ska band russkaja. ;)

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... their site is in joomla ;D

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Seems like a reasonable

Seems like a reasonable decision. I won't go either. ;)

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get out of my thread....NikLP

... i'm supposed to be the only troll in here :)

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