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Celebration - express, share gratitude, praise etc. here!

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Submitted by Richárd Fülöp on Sat, 08/30/2008 - 17:19.

I am an amateur Drupal end-user/administrator, who created one single website with Drupal and in the process I fell in love with the precision, cleanness, attention to detail and beauty I am witnessing. Will port four others naturally.

This is my first Drupalcon, and I am touched by the goodwill, helpfulness, giving-sharing nature and friendlyness of everyone here. (Also on and .)
This is really a Community here, with capital C, there is a Oneness connecting us, common values and goals.

I am also very grateful for the outstanding organization of this conference, it is something to awe, and learn from.

Someone said: "Love commands the Universe". And I can just feel the organizers' and talk-givers' LOVE for the others, for me, for the things Drupal contributes to.

Drupal... the Drupal Community makes life more wonderful for the people of Earth (and so Earth itself).

Every one of us contributed to what we experienced here, we put energy (at least the fee) into it.
Of course it is not over, continues tomorrow, and continues into the distant future, with effects hard to upraise.


I would like to see many thanksgivings collected in this forum topic.
Let's bathe each other and ourselves in this uplifting, heart-warming feeling I feel right now.

So don't hold yourself back, post!

(Also, Free Hugs!)

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Couldn't have said it better myself!

This was my first Drupalcon and will surely not be my last. The whole experience was wonderful. I met so many talented and inspiring people and have also made some great new friends. Much respect goes out to everyone involved in organising and contributing to the event.