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Drupal UK Meet-up

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Submitted by Fintan on Tue, 07/08/2008 - 14:20.

Hi guys,

A few colleagues and I were thinking it might be a cool idea to do meetup for British drupal developers on the third day of the event (29th Aug), which has been put aside for this sort of thing.

Potentially it could be a fun (and productive) night!

So if anyone has any ideas on whereabouts we should have it (a bar/pub I imagine), please go ahead and suggest somewhere.


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Good idea!

Good idea!
There's at least three of us coming from the North West.
If anyone's hanging around in Szeged on the Tuesday (26th) perhaps we could meet up then, too.
As for the location, it might be easier to work that out when we're there?

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Great stuff. Yeah I think

Great stuff. Yeah I think you've got an idea there... we'll probably be able to make a better decision once we're there.

I don't think a pre-conference drink wouldn't be out of the question, either! :)

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I'll be arriving sometime on

I'll be arriving sometime on Tues, ready for pre-conference warm up drinks.

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Count me in!

Count me in!

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Count me in too!

Count me in too!

As most of us don't know Szeged (I belive), what about feeling the town
first and then getting back to this thread with any suggestion?

I'll follow it.


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sounds swell

Sounds like a good idea!


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Good idea!

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Tues drinks sounds good

See ya there...

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Shall we just meet up here?

Perhaps wave Union Jacks to make ourselves known? ;)

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Tonight (Thursday), John Bull pub, 8pm

Whiteboard note with more details.

Hope you guys can all make it!


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Oh what a night...

It was great to see such a good turnout last night. I met loads of new people, and I'm sure I missed a few too!

Talking with my partner in crime, mcjim, we thought it'd be good to keep in touch after the con. If you're up for it, feel free to let me have your contact info - you can contact me via or email me directly at

Alternatively, just grab me at the con :-)


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