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Off to a great start

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Submitted by webchick on Fri, 04/18/2008 - 13:21.

Just wanted to leave feedback and say that you guys are off to a great start. :) The website is simple, straight-forward, but informative, and everything seems very organized. Thanks for all your hard work!

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I agree


Drupal theme development in Hungary:

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Yeah, wow the site is very

Yeah, wow the site is very inviting and well organized. Great information in the forums even at this early date. Exciting!

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The use of the profiles is brilliant

I don't remember seeing this on the Barcelona site, and unfortunately couldn't make Boston so didn't sign into the site, but the collection of data re: car sharing, dietary requirements and the shuttle bus preferences is very clever.

Nice work!

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Yes! Congratulations! The Site is excellent and the functionality of the registering-process is great. Also the hotel-listings with maps inclusion etc... Very good Job!
I'm happy to look forward to see many Drupalers in Szedged. This will be my first trip to Hungary :-)

best regards & thanks for your organisation

Jürgen Brocke

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Yup, great site! Excellent

Yup, great site!
Excellent work on the hotel pages with maps and photos.

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A really great combination of information. I have not had to leave the site to get the full picture of the conference, venue, city, accommodation or travel.


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great site

The site is exactly what it needs to be, so thanks! The community plumbing is working like a charm here (again).

I also liked the GMaps with all the icons, great booking system for the rooms.