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...possible accommodation one night in Budapest

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Submitted by markgriffith on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 17:16.

For people coming a long distance or arriving on awkwardly timed flights, I might be able to help you find a place to stay for one night in Budapest.

I live in Budapest, so shall myself just pop down to Szeged on the train.

Let me know if anyone wants me to put them in touch with accommodation people in Budapest for one night on the way in or out of Hungary.

My e-mail is and I can be texted rather than phoned on 0036 30 301 0712.


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I will arrive very late...

I will arrive very late at budapest, at 23:15 at terminal 1. I need a bed here very close to the airport.

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There is a Hostel basically

There is a Hostel basically on the way from airport to train station:

There is an other one (in 5 min walk from the first one) on Raday utca:

To get there from the airport: airport minibus will cost around 14 EUR and taxi about 19 EUR. Public transport in airport surroundings works only till 23:00-ish as far as I know.