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Viking meet-up

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Submitted by mortendk on Thu, 08/07/2008 - 13:58.

as we all know (yes everyone knows that!) Vikings are the coolest and baddest mofo's in the world.

So as a social thing what do the fellow danes,swedes and Norwegians & finnes say - should we see if we can be in the same room with out ending up in axe slaying ;)

Drink a beer and talk drupal shop, and maybe try to invade england.

Besides that some of us in denmark are talking bout having a meetup in copenhagen later this year, and we want some feedback for this.

should this be a bof or just find a bar somewhere? and what dates would you like please post

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Aye! I'm in.

Good initiative from the King of Denmark! I'm all for drinking mjød (viking for beer) and invading England. Let's do it while they're having tea :D

Oh yea, and we could talk some Drupal as well..

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Count me in..... I will

Count me in.....

I will prefer a bar with a lot of beers ;-)

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BoF first, bar later?

I vote BoF first, and then we go axe throwing later at a bar, but if we can't agree on a date during the daytime, then I guess we'll just go mingle with the natives some evening during the con ;-)

Personally, the only slot I have "free" is Aug 29 16:00 - 16:45, all the other slots are occupied by main tracks I'd like to follow.
(Alas, I won't be able to attend your pimpage of drupal theming, morten)

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i'll be there

I think this is a great idea!

count me in also!

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I'm game!

For me, either a BoF or a BaR would work, though I think I owe you, Morten, a beer or two since Barcelona, so an ending-up-at-a-bar-evening perhaps?

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BoF n' BaR - I'm there!

BoF first then bar afterwards or BoF in a bar.

When guys?


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Count me in

I am all for invading England, but other (remotely) related stuff sounds cool also. See you in Szeged.

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Thursday - Torsdag Viking meetup after thewine tasting

Hey Guys well meet today thursday after the Wine tasting thing.
Just outside the venue - and then head into the english pub : John Bull just around the city center.

Bring you own Axe