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Wife Coming, Not Attending Conference - Can't Pay

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Submitted by Ryan on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 23:08.

Tried to be brief in the topic. Basically, my wife is coming with me, and we'll celebrate our first anniversary in Budapest before the conference. Woohoo!

We'll be traveling down to Szeged with a few other folks we're flying in with, and we were all hoping to grab the Drupal shuttle. :) However, as I try to set her up just to purchase a shuttle bus ticket but not a conference registration, the site throws up an error.

Is there any way to accommodate this? I'm not sure if I'm the only one running into this problem, the first, or if I'm just awful at browsing forums. :)

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a simple hack that'll do the trick

We used this hack before:
-If you are paying with PayPal: you buy a ticket with two suitcases and once the money is in, you send us a ping and we reassign your two suitcase booking as a one suitcase booking for you and your wife.
-If you are paying with bank transfer you just pay for an extra shuttle bus ticket, you send us a ping when the payment is done and we assign the seat to your wife's user account.

Congrats with the anniversary! I'm really happy that you'll come over and celebrate it this side of the ocean!

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the reason

The reason we are not selling anything without Drupalcon tickets is to not let our shuttle buses be accommodated with people who just would like to get down quick to Szeged, or our hotel rooms booked by people who would not go to Drupalcon. We do some funky reassignments to help those, who come with non-attending family mates and need to book/pay for stuff for them, so we can take and fix these issues individually. We are not going to open the system for people to buy stuff without buying a Drupalcon ticket first though.