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Going with the tradition of past Drupalcon events, we are having a design contest for the Drupalcon Szeged 2008 logo. The winner gets the pride that comes from seeing their logo used on the website, on conference signage, in promotion and generally all over the place.


The contest runs for four weeks. Entries must be submitted by May 16, 2008! Voting will start after that and will last for a week.

Some ideas

The Drupalcon organization team collected some ideas which might help you get inspired.

  • Szeged is famous for its paprika (a bigger type of hot chillis) (Lookup images)
  • Szeged's nickname is "the city of the sun"
  • Szeged is located in the "puszta" region (Lookup images)
  • The city is famous for its fish soup (Lookup images)
  • The dom towers are even included in our FAQ as illustrations (Lookup images)
  • Red, white and green are the national colors of Hungary (Lookup images)
  • Hungary is also dubbed the country of baths, which might blend well with the drop (Lookup images)

Technical details

The design will possibly be used on various backgrounds (white, black, and even other colors), and will be used in different sizes (a relatively small one on the website and badges, but a noticeably bigger one on signage). We would love submissions which work well with various colors but also with only one color used (for black and white printed materials for example).

Designs should initially be submitted as low resolution JPG or PNG files (height and width 400px maximum). The winning design must be provided either as a vector graphic in Illustrator or Inkscape native format files (.ai, .eps, .svg) or else we will need your help to create the appropriately sized Photoshop or Gimp images (.psd, .xcf) (we need this immediately after selection).

Of course, the entries that are variations on Druplicon are most likely to win.

Legal information

You will be asked to transfer your copyright in the design so it can be properly protected for the benefit of the conference and community. Your design also must not include any other copyrighted materials for which any license is required. Don’t include anything which might possibly cause offense.

How is the winner selected?

Members of this site will be able to vote to indicate their preference for the best design. The Drupalcon Szeged 2008 organizing team will select the final winnner; community preference will be a key factor among several others in selecting the winning design. The selection will be made within a few days after the voting period ends.