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Local public transport, Szeged, tickets&map

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Tickets, how&where to get them
and below links to maps on public transport lines

Szeged, ticket- and pass prices
valid from 2008/07/01, 16,67% VAT incl.

Single travel tickets = „buszjegy”
purchased in advance (at kiosk/shop/etc) 220,-Ft
Purchased on vehicle at beginning of travel 280,-Ft
Block of 10 tickets (only in advance, must tear out and validate ticket at time of travel) = „gyűjtőjegy” 1.980-Ft

Tickets for „multiple travels”
Daily ticket = „napijegy” (valid for 1 day marked at purchase) 680,-Ft
Ticket for 3 days = „3 napos jegy” (valid for 3 days marked at purchase) 1.690,-Ft
Weekly ticket = „hetijegy” (valid for 7 days marked at purchase) 2.470-Ft

Passes = „bérlet”
Two-weekly = „kétheti bérlet” (valid: for 14 days marked at purchase) 3.650,-Ft
General monthly = „havibérlet” (valid with number of ID card number written on it) 4.900,-Ft
Student (Hungarian student card) and Pensioner (valid with number of ID/student/pensioner card number written on it) 2.090,-Ft
Monthly pass without ID (for anyone who has it) 16.050,-Ft

All tickets and passes are valid for all types of public transport (bus, trolley, tram) in Szeged City. One ticket is valid for travel on one vehicle without suspending the travel (no getting off and on again) on one way. For each vehicle a new ticket should be validated (ie. traveling first by bus or other--> 1st ticket, then changing to another bus or other --> 2nd ticket).

The bus drivers have the right to let people onto the vehicle only at the front door, and to check their tickets/passes. On all vehicles the drivers are selling single tickets, however they scarcly have change!

Ticket inspectors (that always appear when you do not have a ticket...) have the right to check your ticket/pass and the eventual ID card/student card/pensioner card that goes with it. They do not have the right to touch/withold the passenger or the ticket and the eventual card. In problematic cases they call a police officer by phone who on the other has the right to take the card of the passenger and to withold her/him.

Dogs/cats need separate tickets, otherwise the usual care (leash, muzzle).

Tickets can be purched in advance at several „kiosks” in town, here is a map:,20.15463...

A map of bus-lines: where you click for "Szeged, letöltés", this gives you a pdf image (1.7 MB).
and a link for separate map of tramlines&trolley: (from Gabor). The later one is quite messed up, they are rebuilding one of the main transport-hubs in Szeged so you will find actual bus vehicles as "trams"...