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Creative cross-language MySQL Programming

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Submitted by LenZ on Wed, 07/16/2008 - 12:23.


Although MySQL is sometimes perceived as a minimalist DBMS, it has a huge potential for creative hacks. The Federated and Blackhole engine, MySQL Proxy, user variables, and some other hooks allow the imaginative developer to achieve impressive results independently from the client's programming language.

MySQL is commonly perceived as a feature poor DBMS. That may be true if you are looking for specific functions or behavior as found in popular commercial database. While lacking 1 to 1 features, MySQL has a flexibility that allows users to achieve the wanted result with a workaround or some settings. But MySQL has much more. Its modular architecture offer to the user a number of creative ways of implementing features, which is sometimes more powerful and affective than the built-in feature of competing databases.

In this session, I will show some creative ways of taking advantage of MySQL hidden pearls, regardless of the programming language used in your client.

  • Creating custom loops (with MySQL Proxy, with the event scheduler, with Blackhole and cross-joins)
  • Creating persistent user variables, either global or user-restricted
  • Pushing the limits with Federated tables (multiple triggers, executing remote commands);
  • Creating features with MySQL Proxy (customized logs, pivota tables, checking user quotas);
  • Using combinations of all the above to achieve unheard of results (e.g. using compressed tables with the efficiency of normal ones, checking passwords strength, downloading and uploading BLOB files, and much more )

Your imagination is the limit! This session will just give you the raw material and some ideas to get you started.