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Submitted by José San Martin on Tue, 08/26/2008 - 22:13.


There will be a lot of work on Drupal Documentation in this DrupalCon and we may spend some time discussing a new home for the Docs, as a part of redesign process. I've been working lately on a prototype and I would like to bring up some brainstorming on the website and the docs needs. Some few more details in this blog post.


Most issues concerning this website will be discussed at Doc Sprint planning and will be discussed in this BoF only if discussion is still needed.

After a very short presentation of the prototype, we will discuss some issues specific to the Docs.Drupal.Org website, such as:

* Documentation - What should be in Drupal Docs website, what should not be? What model is the prototype assuming?
* Design - how we'll present content in the website
* Programming - how we'll address the needs of the documentation team.


The goal of this session is decide how we'll make the prototype a real website and schedule work for Doc Sprint.