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Doc sprint

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Submitted by add1sun on Fri, 08/22/2008 - 14:22.

We will be running a Doc sprint all day on the 31st in tandem with the Code sprint. There will be a planning BoF on August 28 from 11am - noon in the Cisco room.

We have plenty of tasks for everyone: coders, designers, admins, whatever. Newbies are especially wanted!

We will include everyone not physically at the sprint by having some scheduled meeting times in the #drupal-docs IRC channel for particular topics and posting updates to the docs mail list throughout the day.

Here is the current list of tasks and topics, which will be expanded and clarified at the planning BoF. Feel free to add comments with other suggestions.

Issue queue cleanup and new category organization
Comment rolling/cleanup
Adding screenshots
New docs to be written...
Section reviews (esp. good for newbies)
Docs style guide review
For coder types: fixes and code review

Topics for discussion
Getting started section and the "official" docs concept
Ideas to manage i18n
"Versioned" sections that apply to more than version
4.7 and older docs/the Archive book
Ways to incentivize/acknowledge doc contributions

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Email sent to the docs list

Here is the email sent to the docs list regarding the rough plan for Sunday.

The venue is available to us from 07:00 to 15:00 GMT. That doesn't give reasonable time for folks in North America to take part so even though we'll need to leave the venue I plan to find an internet connection and bring the sprint back online from 16:00 to 19:00 GMT. This evening bit may be a lot more fluid since I don't know where I will be and when I can settle down with internet. So if you don't see me on from 16:00 to 19:00, that will just be how things roll. :-/

The plan is to be very task focused in the morning and then the afternoon/evening will be more focused on discussion of some of the bigger topics. Of course, tasks can keep going all day, but I want to have a decent number of folks focused on the discussions when they come up so that we can hammer on them as a team.

Hopefully we can accomplish task #1 early on in the day and as others show up to help we can have a handy doc page to point folks to. I (and I hope others as well) will be available to answer questions and give guidance so please don't feel like you have to know how to do anything or even what you will do before you come (either in person or online). The main idea here is for people to learn and get to know each other while hopefully getting some work done. ;-)

Here is a list of the tasks we have on deck:
** High priority
Create a docs task list/how to for common tasks
Review the doc team style guide
- Update the headings page and any other outdated pages
- Add a new page re: guidelines for handbook page screenshots
** Stuff that needs doing
Issue queue cleanup (removing old/invalid issues, fixing and closing easy ones)
Reset doc issue components (an email about this change will be going out later today)
Roll comments into the handbook and delete unnecessary comments
Adding screenshots
Section reviews (esp. good for newbies) Read and verify that sections make sense and howtos work.
For coder types: fixes and code review

There will be several topics up for discussion. I will send an individual email to the list for each one. Folks can weigh in on the list if they can't make the sprint. We probably won't get to all of them during sprint day and the discussions will surely continue on the list after the sprint.

Getting started section and maintaining "core" docs
Ideas to manage i18n (mostly focused on the "core" docs and related to that solution at this time. i18n of regular handbook pages is further off, but open for discussion.)
"Versioned" sections that apply to more than version
4.7 and older docs/the Archive book
Ways to incentivize/acknowledge doc contributions

See ya there!

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Forum post on on the "reset" task

Here is the d.o post on the reset issue queue components task. This change has been made now so feel free to start working on this task prior to the sprint.