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Pimping the crap out of Module Builder module

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Submitted by webchick on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 17:20.

This forum is too quiet. :) I'll start us out...

Module Builder is a module I wrote a couple years ago to fill in a few form fields and auto-generate some basic scaffolding for a module so you can download it and start running with it.

My initial itch was that I couldn't remember the hook arguments and what hooks that you had to implement if you wanted to do Y task. I wanted to create a tool that would auto-generate code, formatted using best practices, and (optionally) with example code showing how the hook worked.

Unfortunately, over the course of writing Module Builder, I learned all of the hook arguments and the best practices by heart, so I no longer need it. :P

However, a couple recent developments have made me think that it might be fun to turn my attention back to it again:

  • The Scaffolding Example Module was released a couple months ago, and is a great bit of skeleton code to start from. Module Builder could take care of the "annoying" parts, like renaming all the hooks and files so that the .zip is immediately ready to go.
  • Schema API is awesome, but a pain to type out by hand. I'd like to see this module auto-generate .install files as well.
  • Test-driven development is now considered standard best practice. I'd like to see Module Builder auto-generate some stub testing code.
  • If we want to get REALLY crazy (of course we do!), something I'd love to see is "Google Docs for Coders" - the ability for multiple developers to collaborate together on a module and save the result.
  • I don't know how many (or any) of these items we can get to during the sprint, but figured it'd be nice to talk about. :)

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Auto Schema install file

+1 !
In my dreams I see a very slick interface, some drag'n'drop features or an 'add more' button with some ahah love, but most of all a submit button which generates the schema saving us lot's of enabling/disabling/removing a module before our table is finally ok :)

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Oh cool! I've been meaning

Oh cool!
I've been meaning to find you on IRC the last few days and flag up a couple of fixes I've filed to Module Builder issues.

Module Builder is ace.
One thing I'd really like to see in it is the ability to save the module files directly: as well as a 'Download this file' button, a 'Save this file to the server' button.