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How to get a themer to call you the morning after.

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Submitted by mortendk on Tue, 08/05/2008 - 11:45.

It can be hard to look up from the daily work and se whats going on at the other side of the fence.

This will be a talk where themers can express their wishes for module developers and how it could be in ideal world, and vice versa
to give both parts a good understanding of the challenges that lies ahead in the day to day work.

It will be a round talk so come join and lets share our knowledge of both worlds

* what makes a crappy module for a themer
* what makes a really cool module for a themer
* basic knowledge - what coders can expect a themer / designer knows - is it enough or?
* day to day problems in the theming world
* day to day problems in the coding world
* what "documentation" -cant you just read the code? its in line 1208

* come all together now... a even better tomorrow ;)

The goal of this session is to give module developers and theming-css geeks a better understanding of each others world.

some experience as a themer / module developer

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sounds interesting!

sounds interesting!

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Surprisingly interresting

The topic is surprising, but really interresting!