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How to hold a Drupalcon

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Submitted by jay on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 15:18.
Session time: 
08/28/2008 - 15:00 - 08/28/2008 - 15:45


The panel will discuss their experiences producing the last several Drupalcon conferences (Boston, Szeged).

Topics include

* Effort level description
* Budgeting
* Venue selection & infrastructure logistics
* Attendee travel logistics
* Event website; registrations / commerce
* Session proposal management
* And other topics


The presenters will likely need a projector for showing PPT/Keynote presentations.

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Full session


We had planned this for a full session under "Growing Drupal."

As I understand it, Bert Boerland, Kieran, and Kristof already agreed. Do you want to do two sessions or roll this BoF into the larger one -- which has not been submitted, so editing this one would be fine.

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my 2 cents

I would prefer that this session by left as a BoF as Drupalcon only happens twice a year, there is a small group of people (comparatively) that put them on, and the processes required are fairly rigid (again comparatively).

Drupal Camps, Drupal Jams, Code Sprints, Meetups, etc., however, happen much more often and require a much larger group of people working independently to put them on. Those processes are very organic and deserve some much needed discussion.

So I would prefer that this session get priority of a full session over the Drupalcon one. The more eyes we get over here the better it is for the community (imho).

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Agreed completely. I suggested Jay to submit this as a BoF.

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Should we...

Should also include some discussion as to what we want Drupalcon to be in the future?
How big should it grow?
Who is the intended audience?
What's our price point? etc. etc.

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Sounds like a fine topic for discussion, Jacob

We BOF-participants can bring it up. I don't think the BoF would necessarily be the final determinant, but we can certainly provide a venue for thinking.

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Trans Atlantic split

I'd like to see DrupalCon being held on both sides of the Atlantic with a link-up. This would enable greater participation and LESS FLYING. One of the meetings could be the main one, or they could have equal status. Networking possibilities would be reduced, but surely the most useful networking is done within the same continent!