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I, Drupal: Leveraging Drupal 7's introspective code registry

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Submitted by Crell on Sat, 07/05/2008 - 20:22.
Session time: 
08/28/2008 - 15:00 - 08/28/2008 - 15:45


Drupal 6 includes a simple lazy-loader for page callback functions. Drupal 7 will feature a completely automated introspective code registry, allowing Drupal to skip the most time consuming part of a page request: The bootstrap. But how can you structure your modules to take full advantage of this new world?

Join Larry Garfield (Crell) and chx (chx) to discuss and develop a set of best practices for module design to take optimal advantage of the registry. Expect some discussion of OOP practices as well, since it's Larry and chx. :-)


* What the code registry is and why it is. (Larry and chx)
* What the code registry is not. (Larry and chx)
* OK, so how do we use it? (discussion)
* Draw up recommended guidelines to be included in the handbooks.


You should come away from this session knowing how to speed up your modules dramatically through a simple cut and paste operation. We also intend to have a publishable set of guidelines for all module developers to help them do the same.


Past discussion and issues: (Drupal 6 page callbacks) (the registry issue)