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IRC Bots

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Submitted by dmitrig01 on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 17:21.

UPDATE: Never mind, there is still a chance.


Drupal's bot module is an IRC bot that is pretty awesome, but it can always get better. This session will walk you through setting up a bot to run on your channel, and then coding for your bot to make it better.


* What is bot module?
* Installing bot module on your site, and configuring it for your needs.
* Running your bot
* An introduction to developing modules based on bot.module - bot.module's hooks.
* I'll build a sample bot module.
* Bot_autenticate: user authentication with the bot module: how to use it and why to use it.


The participants should walk away ready to provide patches to the bot module to make it even awesomer!!!!!!

Or at least know how to set up their own bot.


It is recommended that you know how to build modules, unless you just want to know about installing and running bots.