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Making of a Full flash front-end for luxury e-commerce

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08/29/2008 - 16:00 - 08/29/2008 - 16:45
Conference booklet summary and bio
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At the beginning of 2007, a friend of us came in with a big project, the building of an e-commerce web site for a company involved in the luxury jewellery market. The customer was ok to use an open source solution and we were already convinced that drupal was a wonderful tool for website building. The problem was to give a luxury look and feel to the website in order to clearly represent their brand. After some talks we decided to interface a full Flash front end and drupal as the core engine of the web site. It is the building of this website that we intend to show during this session. We will begin with some general aspect of how we worked all together, as the developpement involved three companies, graphism, php code and lots of exterior actors sometimes abroad. We will give volumetric of the project and we will continue with more technical aspect on how we made flash and drupal work together. Then we will talk about the integration of drupal with the existing information system of our customer : finance, customer care, shipment, taxes, external supplier. We will end up this session with some aspect on search engine optimisation, specialized modules for the backoffice and the hosting solution.
Bios for conference booklet: 
Cedric Perronnet is technical director and co-founder of Open Web Solutions, a french based company furnishing open source web development and hosting.There, we've been pushing Drupal for our customers since 4.6 version, and for the last two years, whenever its possible, we use drupal as a framework to fit our customer needs. At the moment we have more than twenty drupal website up and running.

We propose to show you the making-of, an e-commerce Drupal website we've built for two years, with a full Flash front-end. We'll also present some bits of the specific backoffice and how in/out dataflow works.


* Flash and drupal, how to make them talk together
* Used modules for ec-commerce
* Creation and extension of e-commerce modules
* Creation of the backoffice
* Integration with others informations system : ERP, CRM, AS400


Understanding the building parts by parts of a successful e-commerce service in an international context using flash for a luxury user experience.

* ecommerce website
* company data flows

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I want to see how this site works for ages!