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Strategies for Drupal SME studios

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Submitted by sime on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 02:46.


Running a Drupal business, especially with responsibility for staff and balance sheet, requires a shift in the way you support Drupal open-source.

There is less opportunity to focus on, and the result is that SME Drupal enterprises are often in the dark about is happening in similar businesses - even though the attitude towards open-source (knowledge sharing) has not changed.

To be effective, a company must make compromises: the move to D6 will come later, employees are not always open-source enthusiasts, and the lead developers need to justify what they consider best-practice (and document it) rather than 'just doing it'.

This session is based on a review of Em Space's current practices. We seek up to 2 additional companies (5+ employees) who are willing to share and compare.


* Preferred contrib modules
* Using a code repository
* Managing live sites
* Ready for Drupal 6?
* Design and theming best practices
* Working with Design and Advertising companies
* Support and training
* Contributing back to Drupal


To get a clear sense of how other Drupal houses are using Drupal, to un-earth many varied and successful techniques.

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other collaborators welcome

While we at Em Space are still rookies in the grand scheme of things, we certainly have experience to share. We would love other businesses to get involved - even just to shout abuse. Comment here, or contact me directly if you want to influence the agenda.