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South Africa

Adrian Rossouw has been a Drupal core developer for over 5 years (since January 2003) and has contributed several important components to the Drupal ecosystem.

He is responsible for (among other things) :

  • PHPTemplate and the template engine abstraction layer
  • Design and implementation of the Drupal Forms API.
  • Initial design of the install API
  • Integration of multi-site into Drupal core
  • Maintained the PostgreSQL port of Drupal for over 2 years
  • Original author of the Buddylist module.

In 2004 he co-founded Bryght, becoming one of the first Drupal developers to start a Drupal-oriented services company and also one of the first developers to earn a living doing only Drupal.

While at Bryght, he developed a hosted service to host and maintain thousands of Drupal sites through an automated hosting system. This system forms the basis for the Ægir site management system, being developed by Raincity Studios (who acquired Bryght in 2008).

His drupal user id is 1337.

He lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his two cats and his ever growing graphic novel and videogame collections that threaten to consume him.

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