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Daniel Nolde

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  • Development & Implementation of:
    - Communities
    - Web Applications
    - Social Apps
    - Location Aware Apps
  • Drupal:
    - Consulting, Knowlegde Transfer
    - Site Building
    - Module Development
    - Theme Development
  • Specialities and Special Interests:
    - Community-Building
    - Feature-based / Practise-Based Communities
    - Frontend-/Backend-Integration
    - Ajax
    - Media integration
    - Geo/Location-aware Applications
    - Interface streamlining / Usability Simplification
    - Performance & Caching

About me:

  • grown up in Bavaria and Black Forrest with Schneider/Amstrad CPC (wow, 64kb of memory...), Basic, PC (Hercules Graphics <:), Pascal, Delphi ... until the WWW came along.
  • 1997: First Websites
  • 1999: First PHP Sites and CMSes
  • 2001: Bachelor of Computer Science (Thesis: "Mobile Objects in Distributed Agent Systems" (Java))
  • 2001: Launch of - digital nobudget filmmaking community, one of the big communities for this topic in the german-speaking area (at the moment being migrated to Drupal, of course ;). This is interesting, since it was built on a custom php/mysql CMS that had some basic concepts in common with drupal (type-agnostic node-concept) ... had i just known Drupal in 2001...
  • 2004: Master of Science (in Media) (Thesis: Location Based Consumer-oriented Services)
  • since 2004: Freelancer, Consulting and Developing Web Projects
  • since 2006 with Drupal!
  • since 2007: Developer and/or Consultant for several Drupal-Projects (,, Create Your Style and others)

Personal stuff:

  • Hobbies:
    Cooking, Hiking, Biking, Spending time out in the sun - and movies, filmmusic...
  • filmmaking & filmediting:
    worked on trailers, short- & feature-films; mainly as editor, e.g. Racing Beats or the award-winning low-budget martial-arts pic Kampfansage.
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Freelance Drupal Developer
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