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I might be called a "Drupal Vet" if there exists such a term: I carry user ID 11, making my participation almost a historybook item, starting around Drupal 1.0 release time when Dries did not had rockstar hair yet and was called

Along the way there have been ups and downs in terms of commitment, my most active times were around 4.x branches when I created several Drupal key themes, helped on interaction design and usability (especially when early pre-formAPI was born) and participated on numerous discussions on mailing lists.

In Drupal 5 and 6 I have been more or less in lurking stage, keeping me up to date on Drupal issues but unable to commit really much time to help getting Drupal better. Blame it on day jobs and setting my life up so to say.

In the same time I kept running Drupal in my hobby site what have became now a biggest travel community site of Estonia:

I also blog at and it's Drupal-related content is piped to Drupal Planet.