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- Current full time job is in NGO “Protecta” here in Niš. I work on position of IT manager. I developed database of volunteers, did “Directory of local municipality managements”, some questionnaire applications, trying to keep up with high edge technologies. I have developed graphical standards for four organizations. I do graphics like stationary, posters and flayers, Power Point presentations, Flash presentations, websites etc. I maintain computers and computer networks, administer mail and web servers. In short, I have full hands of work.
- Having job in Protecta, also means I have to work with partner organizations too. Serbian Refugee Council is started by Serbia's leading organizations who worked with refugees. Protecta is one of them. Now, I am network coordinator on project called "People in readmission - enhancing policy and practice in Serbia". This job is great for getting know my colleagues from other organizations and other parts of my country - also amount of experience I get is enormous.

I love art, music and computers. I connected all of them by making web design, flash and interactive multimedia commercials. Also I am very found of open source and I do my best to help this ever growing community. I love to pass my knowledge to others, and share whatever I have. I lead one small NGO “Scientia Publica” – Latin for public knowledge. Also I do support roles in few clubs, most recent is 3d archeology club. I do lot of work as a free-lancer, and what I like most about it, is meeting new people and going to new places.

These are couple of things that take all of my working and also most of my free time. In spare time I have left, I read books, watch movies or just go out for a plain walk. And, yes.. continually follow the progress on Drupal ;)

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IT manager